From Fear to Faith: How Saying “Yes, LORD,” Is Sending Me to the Middle East

This is my letter to inform you all of my recent pursuit of chasing the Lord…all the way to the Middle East.This is a plea in the name of courage, calling, and monumental leaps of faith. From the deepest parts of me, I’m calling on you all to rally with me in prayer.


Why Jane Austen Never Mentioned Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day–The season of surprises and let downs. A season that we think should look like a dozen, anonymous red roses, fiery lipstick hues above delicate lace hems, and a set of handsome, candle-lit blue eyes with a major sensitive side. In reality, it’s a season in which we are annually overwhelmed and stunned by cheap florals suffocating grocery stores, by loud heart prints… Continue reading Why Jane Austen Never Mentioned Valentine’s Day